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Collaborate effectively to stay ahead

High quality market data and shopper insight can help you to make smarter business decision and focus resources on the most successful activations. Effective collaboration with retailer can be part of your competitive advantage.



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What we offer

Advanced market insight and tools for category management

The FMCG industry is going through a continuous transformation and in order to continue delivering high quality service for shoppers, the industry players need to keep up with the development or even lead it. For retailers and suppliers this means the need to understand where the industry is going and lead their own business to the same direction through data and vision. We back up both the retailer and suppliers with the data and tools for better category management.


The collaboration model that adds value to both suppliers and the retailer

Effective collaboration will create a win-win setup. With Anlayse² Category Analytics you are best equipped to develop the product categories and category sales together with the retailer. You will get a complete picture, how different subcategories, suppliers, brands and individual items are contributing to your category's performance.

Through the shared data you are able to identify the most successful activations and make smarter decisions. Also, it will help you to communicate the vision and product category development ideas in an effective way.

Our understanding of shopper behavior has increased and we understand the success factors of brand activations much better. This enables us to build value for our business as well as for our customers.

Hanna Johansson

Director, Strategy & Insights

Our Solutions

With our solutions, the supplier's top management can be sure different teams across the organization are aligned and have access to the most relevant market data. Our A² Category Analytics consist of six different modules and we have tailored the optimal module mix for both sales and marketing.


Understand shopping behavior in order to identify and execute the most successful activations

Knowing your customers, how to communicate to them and choosing the right activations are the fundamentals of successful marketing in the FMCG industry. The customers are not only the shoppers but also the retail chains and their strategies. In addition to shopper insight A² Category Analytics provide marketing with the tools for identifying the best products to promote, data about competing brands and the promotion effect to the category totals. The added value for the shoppers is measured by looking how many shopping baskets include your brands and individual products.

A² Category Review
to become a true category expert

A² Promotion Analysis
to evaluate your past campaigns and effectively plan future promotions

A² Basket Analysis
to understand what role your products play for the customers

A² Heavy Shopper
to truly know your customers


Understand the role of your products to meet your sales targets

To achieve the best sales results, it’s essential understand the role of your products and the opportunities of your product portfolio. For example, your product might have a certain role in building the price image that supports your retail customer’s strategy or be the hero product in it’s category. For the regional sales, it’s also essential to better understand the local differences in demand and make sure the products maintain the right assortment classifications. Having the right products in the assortment supports the category development and helps to maximise both the retailer and supplier profit.

A² Category Review
to discover the category potential

A² Basket Analysis
to recognise the product correlations

A² Product Launch
to plan more effective product launches and track the KPIs

A² Regions
to ensure a good sales coverage and to identify the best practices


Ready to make the shopper insight and market understanding your competitive advantage? Get in touch!

Kari Erämaa

Co-Founding Partner, Chief Commercial Officer  

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